About us  

logoVision: To become the most trusted partner for providing high quality social and economic data intelligence and analysis services for Mongolian and worldwide clients in public and private sectors.

Mission: Our mission is to become a social business, whose performance is not just measured in profit maximization, but also in terms of social benefits. We aim to achieve our goal by generating data, fact-based evidence, knowledge, analysis that has rigor and high quality, and by producing research that create actionable and accessible results in private and public sectors. By exporting our knowledge-based services, SDC can broaden the benefits of economic growth of Mongolia to diverse players in the society. We have started making difference by hiring, investing, and strengthening the local capacity and offering scholarships to disadvantaged and countryside students.

Strategic objectives: SDC aims to provide services in the area of data collection, processing, and analysis. The analysis includes cost benefit analysis, social and economic impact assessments, and stakeholder analysis. We want to provide services to private and public sector clients both in Mongolia and worldwide. In Mongolia, many policies and business decisions are made without the proper analysis, data, and intelligence. We want to fill in this gap by providing the high quality services.